".....From Sea to Shining Sea"


The web-title of this site and the headline above says it all....on this, our third trip together through - and across - the United States, we travelled from the east coast to the Pacific shore-line - albeit not all of it by road, as I would have wished; but more of that later.
On this occasion, Randy and Dede - Elisabeth's son and daughter-in-law in Muncie IN, played "fairy Prince and Princess" but big time! Wanting themselves to take the opportunity to visit New York, where our travels were to begin, they offered to drive there in their van and at the end of our four days together, hire a car to drive themselves home to Muncie leaving us with the use of their van for almost two weeks to complete our proposed itinerary of the east coast. Having examined the costs and total economics of renting a car for such an extended period - something I had intended to do and had made initial enquiries about in earlier stages - plus the still-astronomical fuel costs, it was clear that without their generosity we would have been hard-put to do anything really significant on the east coast. Even so, I found it prudent to make one or two reductions in my original itinerary and for unforseen reasons an even more significant change at a crucial point following our stay in Washington.

The itinerary as planned started with four days in New York and continued to Boston, then Niagara Falls, Pittsburgh, south to Elisabeth's aunt in Charlotte NC, thence to Washington DC where we had arranged a visit to the Capitol (and hopefully the White House, too), via the office of Elisabeth's Congressman, Mike Pence. From there I had planned to visit two web-site corresponding friends - one at Georgetown University and another just north of Baltimore - then Johns Hopkins Medical Centre.
Our next stops were to be Antietam and Gettysburg, followed by a final stop at Lakehurst NJ to visit the site of the Hindenburg crash.
For reasons and circumstances which will be pointed out at the appropriate time, the entire itinerary from Washington to Lakehurst was abandoned and we drove from the capital directly to Muncie.

We remained in Muncie for the better part of two weeks enjoying our stay and adding to my own personal knowledge of the town and its points of interest and then, having no further access to a car - the Driveaway office in Indianapolis had failed to find a vehicle going south west, we booked a flight to Tucson for our visit to Michelle and John in Sierra Vista.
There, too, we had an excellent visit of all but two weeks, again visiting old - and many new - places, including a brief hop into Mexico, before flying to Los Angeles and our visit to Sonia and Stewart and their two sons, Jordan and Colin.

Six days later we flew to London where we were to attend the wedding at The Dorchester of Joanne and Daniel, the daughter of my life-long friends, Michael and Carole.

That brought to an end our longest stay away from home yet - just a few days short of two full months, having left Israel 28th July and returning on 24th September.

One of the biggest problems I had in constructing this particular web journal was what to do about the infinity of photos to hand plus the potential treasure-trove of video clips that could be edited from the four cassettes we filmed. The problem was not "electronic", the clips would only be links and add no "weight" to the site itself, but they do take up "physical" space on the screen and I am still not certain with myself that I have made the correct decision by including them - feedback would be welcome......So please join us on our journeys and we hope that our reminiscences give you at least some idea of the places we saw and the pleasures we enjoyed..........

.......Chapter One - The Big Apple

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